Dirty Daddy Goals Age Gap Off-Limits Sports Romance


Goals. Don’t date bad boys or their dads.

That should be easy right?


Now they both want me.

Should I give in and let my heart choose?

Reviewed in the United States on June 10, 2021

Verified Purchase
Definitely a plot that keeps you guessing and sexy hot scenes that keeps your blood pumping all over your body

Reviewed in the United States on June 8, 2021
I began reading Ms. Barbi Cox's publications by accident and I am so lucky to have discovered them. This is certainly an Author with talent to spare.

Inside, the 2nd installment to The Romance Goals Series, we are introduced to Gwen. She's a photographer, as well as an art lover, who wins a contest and befriends Valerie (Val was the main character in Barbi's last book). Following along as Gwen builds up her self esteem and friendship with Valerie is easily envisioned. Teddy, a professional soccer career has never had to chase a woman, Gwen is the first. However, as he falls into immediate lust with this curvy woman, Gwen begins to dream of another, Daniel, Teddy's Father. Oh, decisions, decisions.
I truly appreciate a well written romance and this is definitely one.

Although this release is part of a Series, it can be read as a standalone.

Reviewed in the United States on June 3, 2021
This story grabs your attention from the start with all its twists and turns. From the beginning you think that Teddy is going to get Gwen but as you continue things don't add up between them. Teddy is genuinely interested in Gwen, but Gwen thinks he isn't at all interested in her. She makes him jump through hoops until she sees Teddy in a compromising position. Gwen doesn't give Teddy any time to explain what really happened and Teddy decides Gwen was never going to be the woman for him. Daniel is Teddy's dad and had encountered Gwen on a couple of occasions. When Gwen bids on Daniel she does it to help him out. Once Teddy is out of the picture Gwen remembers that she has a date to go on with Daniel since she won him at the auction. After that day things begin to get steamy between Daniel and Gwen. Will Teddy feel betrayed by his dad once he finds out about the relationship between Gwen and his dad?


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